County hires armored care service to make bank trips

Anoka County employees soon won’t have to take money to and from banks.

The Anoka County Board has entered into a contract with Dunbar Armored Inc. for armored car service not to exceed $48,000 a year beginning Sept. 3.

The unanimous action came on the recommendation of its Management Committee and County Administrator Jerry Soma.

“These past several months there has been increasing concern about staff taking money to banks and bringing change back from banks,” Soma wrote in a memo to the Management Committee.

Indeed, one staff member, who was concerned about her own safety and using her own vehicle, refused to take the money to the bank any longer, leaving the department head to make the trips, he said.

A staff working group found that staff were taking more trips to and from banks than realized and some involved very large amounts of money, Soma wrote in his memo.

“Our internal auditor was very concerned about our practice and implication if one of our staff was robbed during one of the bank runs,” he wrote.

According to Soma, research by Jon Olson, public services division manager, revealed that 13 to 14 trips a day were made to various banks by employees from various departments.

And it was also found that taking money from the various departments to the county’s main bank depository, Wells Fargo in Minneapolis, instead of its local branches would be more efficient because the local branches do not count the money anymore and send it to the central location to be counted, Soma wrote.

Soma recommended that the county use a state contract with an armored car company, Dunbar Armored Inc., to make the 13 stops at county departments and take the money to the central Wells Fargo location in Minneapolis.

The $48,000 contract amount would work out to $15 to $16 a day per stop, which would be taken from the budgets of the individual departments using the service, according to Soma.