Letters to the editor for Aug. 10, 2012



Tragedy was preventable


To the Editor:


This Aurora, Colorado tragedy was preventable and the only thing that caused this tragedy was the lack of foresight and the lack of security. We need to come to the realization in this country that these things will continue to happen until we do something about it.


Daniel J. Seman
Chief Executive Officer
Avalon Security




Marathon exchange


To the Editor:


Back to Maureen Ness’ and my marathon exchange of letters to the editor. This one is regarding her letter of July 27 in which she says I overlooked the facts in my letter of July 6.


She goes on to say, “You obviously believe what you want regardless of the truth.”


I’m sorry Ms Ness. In this case the “truth” is according to your opinion. Just saying that you’re right and anyone who takes you to task on your opinion is wrong does not constitute the truth of the matter.


In Maureen Ness’ response to my letter about her role influencing the denial of an employee health clinic in St. Francis High School: She stated that I overlooked the majority of facts in both writings (Anoka Union and St. Francis Courier) that support her letter. Actually, I made it a point to address every issue that was brought up and the facts did not support her letter.


Regarding the Freedom of Information Act: I am aware of it and it is a good safeguard for our democracy.


Unfortunately, it has been badly abused by Maureen Ness and three other people, including William Gardner, who were named in the Anoka Union article of September 2008.


I will quote a pertinent paragraph of the article: “Since January (2008) four District 15 residents have asked the district about 119 questions, costing the district $11,144.53 in employee time.”


Ms. Ness and the other three were named because the school kept a record of those calls. In other words, these calls were documented.


Yet in her letter of 7/27, Ms Ness states, “While I personally have never asked for information over the phone, many others may have.” Now who’s telling the truth.


Jay Reker, the administrator who had to field those questions, stated that he had up to 10 requests a day, requiring one or two hours a day for research and reply.


Most of the requested information concerned personnel questions: i.e.: “How much does the librarian make?” He said that many of the questions were repeats when Ms. Ness or the other three didn’t like the original answer.


According to the Union newspaper article, from January to September of 2008, the district’s legal fees related to these questions were $4,365.” (This on top of employee time spent searching.) Compare this amount to 2005 when legal fees were $396.


The Union article of September, 2008 explicitly documents Maureen Ness’ and William Gardner’s history of harassing the ISD 15 school administration and costing us, the taxpayers, thousands of dollars for frivolous searches and legal fees.


Maybe Ms. Ness should reread it, before responding to this letter, but only if she has the “time and the desire” to do so.


June Anderson
ISD 15 resident




Newton worth vote


To the Editor:


Who is someone that’s worthy of your vote for state representative? Jerry Newton is a perfect candidate for the Minnesota House seat in District 37A.


As a member of SEIU and a resident of Anoka County, I am proud my union has chosen to endorse Jerry Newton. I feel Jerry will definitely be a champion for working families.


Jerry Newton understands the working class because he’s one of us.


He understands the need for a safe work environment, an honest wage for honest work and the benefit to the economy when the middle class is thriving.


Jerry opposes the “Right to Work” legislation knowing that despite the title, it almost guarantees the end of unions and the safety, benefits and fair wages they afford.


The “Right to Work” means the right for corporations to force workers to work long hours for less pay and benefits, with less safety.


It also means, they will not be accountable to anyone for it. This would affect everyone in the work force.


We need someone who is for working families and has our best interest in mind not for big business and banks.


Jerry Newton is just the person to lead the way into a successful future. That’s why Jerry Newton is worth your vote on Nov. 6.


Elizabeth Martin
Spring Lake Park




Slap in face to business


To the Editor:


Recently the President of the United States said: “If you have a business, you didn’t build that, someone else made that happen.”


He was alluding to the fact that the government put my business on the map by providing a lot of free things I needed to become successful.


What a slap in the face!! He tried to make me feel like I should be ashamed of myself for being a successful small business owner because I used the government roads, bridges and other infrastructure components to work my business.


I don’t think that anyone has educated the president with the facts that all those roads, bridges and other things belong to the people, not the government, and I paid my fair share for anything I used to build my business through paying taxes.


Those government so-called services were not free to me or any other successful small business owner.


Although the president demonstrated 100 percent wrong thinking by making the above statement, he did reveal one thing about his ideology he has never been willing to disclose before.  His expressed demonization of capitalism exposed his Marxist leanings.


What is upsetting the president is that most small business owners started without any help from the government and relied mostly on themselves. He is upset with that because self-reliance is not very Marxist.


I left the plantation in 1961 when I was 18. I got married, supported my family as a husband and father, worked a full-time 40 hour per week job and was a full-time college student carrying up to 12 credits per quarter, all before my 19th birthday.


Continuing this grueling schedule, I finished my two-year AAS degree in electronics shortly after I turned 20. To accomplish this I spent many months during those two years with only three hours sleep per night. Where was the government during those two years?


I spent the next 25 years working for numerous employers. In 1988 I took all my education, training and experience gained from 25 years of work and started a small consulting business.


For the past 24 years, I have been a self-sufficient, self-motivated, self-reliant, hardworking business professional, serving the needs of many thousands of clients.


I did all this without government assistance. What right does the president have to tell me I didn’t build my business indicating that I got successful at the expense of others?


To this day President Obama continues unabated to push his Marxist agenda to eliminate self-sufficiency and destroy small businesses in this country by choking them to death with high taxes.


He plans on either killing small businesses or forcing them into dependency on government entitlements.


I hope all small business owners send Mr. Obama an answer to his demonizing of their hard work when they visit the polls in November and send him packing by voting for someone else. I certainly will. Please share this message with your friends.


Chuck Thibodeau



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