Prison time stayed for Anoka man

An Anoka man who pleaded guilty in Anoka County District Court to a felony charge for breaking into a residence from which he was banned by court order has had prison time stayed.

Michael Leroy Farrell, 37, 2841 Cutters Grove St., Anoka, entered a guilty plea to a first-degree burglary charge and was put on probation for 10 years at a sentencing hearing July 25 after the court stayed 23 months in prison.

However, Farrell must serve 365 days in the county jail with credit for 13 days served.

Probation conditions include a chemical dependency evaluation, mental health assessment, random urinalysis and breathalyzer testing, submit a DNA sample, no contact with the victim and no use of mood-altering chemicals and alcohol.

The night of March 11, Anoka Police responded to a Jefferson Street address from which a 911 call was made by a woman who reported that Farrell was knocking on the window, then she screamed that he had broken into the house, according to the complaint.

On arrival, police apprehended Farrell running from the residence and found a broken screen on a window where entry had been made.

Police also verified that there was a court order prohibiting Farrell was having any contact with the woman or her home.

In a statement, the woman said that Farrell broke a window to gain entry, then would not leave when she told him to until police arrived.

Farrell has a prior conviction for misdemeanor domestic assault.

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