Oak Grove man charged for breaking into ex-girlfriend’s apartment

A 27-year-old Oak Grove man is facing two felony charges after allegedly breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment.

Aaron Jacob Smith, 3835 218th Ave. N.W., was charged in Anoka County District Court July 23 with first-degree burglary and a domestic abuse no contact order violation.

According to the criminal complaint, Smith called to tell his ex-girlfriend he was on the way over to her St. Francis apartment July 22 and left several voice mail messages.

The woman called the St. Francis Police Department at 1:12 p.m. to report Smith had allegedly broken into her apartment.

According to the woman’s account, Smith showed up at her apartment door around 1 p.m. and pounded on the door, demanding to be let in.

With the safety chain in place, the woman opened the door and told Smith she was calling the police.

Smith allegedly broke through the door and snatched the phone away from her, then fled.

Smith was convicted of fifth-degree assault in September 2008 and was terroristic threats in juvenile court in May 2003.

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