Anoka hunting applications now open

For anyone wishing to hunt deer in parts of Anoka during this fall’s archery season, now is the time to apply.

By direction of the Anoka City Council, archery hunting is now allowed on the newly designated Federal Premium Ammunition Wildlife Conservation Area on Kings Island and the Anoka Nature Preserve north of the Anoka High School.

The permit application process runs through Wednesday, Aug. 29.

The Anoka Nature Preserve is adjacent to the Rum River Library and is 200 acres protected by the city. The King’s Island site is directly south of the Anoka Technical College on Highway 10. It’s 70 acres is a lowland hardwood swamp flood plain on the Mississippi River. The area is heavily wooded.

These are the only two parts of the city where hunting will be allowed.

Selection of permit holders will take place Thursday, Aug. 30.

Hunters chosen will be assigned to a specific property for a specific hunting period.

The city has designated four permit periods: Sept. 15 to Oct. 8, Oct. 13 to Nov. 5, Nov. 10 to Dec. 3 and Dec. 8 to Dec. 31.

Two hunters per period will be selected for Kings Island and up to five hunters for the Anoka Nature Preserve, according to Recreation Services Manager Lisa LaCasse. Hunters will be allowed to take one deer and will be required to complete a harvest report and photo to the city.

Both of these areas will remain open to other recreational users during the hunting season.

To apply, the packet can be requested by calling the city’s public services office at 763-576-2980 or by e-mailing [email protected].

Mandy Moran Froemming is at [email protected]