Candidates file for mayor, council seats in several cities

Election filings for cities that do not hold a primary for city council races closed Tuesday, Aug. 14. The following candidates will vye for mayoral and city council seats in the November general election.


Mayor Mike Gamache, 2815 134th Ave. N.W. will run unopposed in the general election this fall.

Incumbent Councilmembers Sheri Bukkila, 13517 Swallow St. N.W., and Mike Knight, 4660 175th Ave. N.W., will have one challenger for the four-year term. He is David Forsberg, 14011 Juniper Circle N.W.

Incumbent Councilmember Tony Howard, 2119 156th Ave. N.W., is being challenged by Valerie Holthus, 17680 Arrowhead St. N.W. for the two-year council seat that will be a completion of the four-year term that former Councilmember Don Jacobson was elected to in 2010. Jacobson moved out of the community.

East Bethel

Incumbent Mayor Richard Lawrence, 455 Sims Road N.E., is being challenged by Tanner Balfany, 19172 East Front Blvd. N.E.

Four are seeking the two open four-year councilmember seats. They are Ron Koller, 18461 Jackson St. N.E., Brian Mundle, 24159 Pierce St. N.E., Randy Plaisance, 715 192nd Ave. N.E., and Tom Ronning, 20941 Taylor St. N.E.

Dan Butler did fill out an affidavit of candidacy on Aug. 14, but withdrew his name Aug. 16 within the two-day window allowed by state law. Thus, his name will not be on the ballot.

Councilmembers Bill Boyer and Steve Voss did not file for re-election.

Ham Lake

Only incumbent Councilmembers Gary Kirkeide, 2152 158th Lane N.E., and Tom Johnson, 15125 W. Vermillion Circle N.E., will be on the ballot in November. There are no challengers who filed affidavits of candidacy.


Fillings have closed and Nowthen voters will have three candidates to chose from for mayor and five for the two council seats up for grabs.

Mayoral candidates include Matt Lendt, 5436 199th Ave. N.W.; Randy Bettinger, 5550 210th Ave. N.W.; and incumbent Mayor Bill Schulz, 18509 Baugh St.

The mayor’s term is four years.

Candidates for the two four-year council seats include Dale Gene Ames, 22176 Sugar Bush Road N.W.; Robert Mahutga, 7560 Viking Blvd. N.W.; Mary Rainville, 6633 191st Ave. N.W.; Paul Reighard, 18711 Garnet St. N.W.; and Jim Scheffler, 20323 St. Francis Blvd.

Incumbent Councilmember Laurie Olmon has previously said she will not seek re-election and incumbent Orval Leistico did not file for office.

Oak Grove

Two four-year council seats are up for grabs Nov. 6. Scott Lawrence and Kevin Robinson are the incumbents.

Both Lawrence, 2050 195th Lane N.W., and Robinson, 21570 Nightingale St., filed for office.

Other candidates include Renee Reece-Murray, 20343 Nightingale St. N.W.; Weston Rolf, 1107 Sims Road; and Sean Sullivan, 20160 Quapaw St. N.W.

St. Francis

When St. Francis residents go to the polls on Nov. 6, they will have two mayoral candidates and five candidates to selection from for the three at-large open city council seats.

Mayor Jerry Tveit, 4561 232nd Lane, will running for a third term against William Gardner, 5304 238th Ave. N.W. Three candidates have filed to fill the remaining two years of Councilmember LeRoy Schaffer’s term, who resigned in July 2011.

Councilmember Tim Brown has been filling the vacancy for Schaffer.

The candidates are Jesse James Jones, 23725 Nacre St. N.W.; Amy Lazere, 4885 241st N.W.; and Dan Sherburne, 4185 232nd Ave. N.W.

Candidates for the two four-year at-large seats, currently held by Councilmembers Jeffrey Sandoval and Steve Kane, are Tim Brown, 5268 Ambassador Blvd.; Mike Haggard, 22705 Rum River Blvd. N.W.; Richard Orpen, 2891 234th Lane N.W.; and Sandoval, 5113 238th Ave. N.W.

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