Ramsey approves additional COR retail lots

The Ramsey City Council has opened up another area for development in its COR project.

During its Aug. 13 meeting, the council unanimously approved the preliminary and final plat to subdivide three additional buildable lots in the COR’s Ramsey Town Center addition and to reconfigure the lot lines for two existing parcels in Ramsey Town Center 3rd addition, which are adjacent to each other.

The three new lots are zoned for retail use and are planned to be used for the future site of Wiser Choice Liquors, a fast food retailer and a convenience store, according to Senior Planner Tim Gladhill.

The council also approved the Wiser Choice Liquors site plan with a 5-0 vote. Councilmember Jeff Wise, owner of Wiser Choice Liquors, abstained and Councilmember Randy Backous was absent.

The five lots will bring in roughly $161,537 in fees, including park dedication, trail development, water and sewer trunk fees.

The lots are located south of the re-aligned Sunwood Drive, Gladhill said.

The council also unanimously approved vacating drainage, utility easements and right of ways in the COR Two subdivision, located east of Armstrong Boulevard and south of Bunker Lake Boulevard, which are no longer needed as a result of the Sunwood Drive realignment.

The council also unanimously approved selling a 0.12 acre outlot in Ramsey Town Center 3rd Addition to one of the commercial property owners in the development.

Outlot A was indeed to be used for a sign, but with the re-alignment of Sunwood Drive it is no longer needed, said Darren Lazan, COR development manager.