Ramsey issues change order for Sunwood Drive

With construction work already under way to realign Sunwood Drive, a change had to be made to existing infrastructure.

The Ramsey City Council unanimously approved a $19,238 change order for the contractor, North Pine Aggregate, Inc., to abandon an existing storm sewer stub and remove unsuitable soil and debris from the area of the future Lake Ramsey.

The contractor is using suitable soil from the area for the realignment project, but the unsuitable material had to be removed first, said Ron Wagner, interim city engineer.

Over the years, the area has been used as a dump site for stockpiles of clay, street sweepings, sod chunks and other mixed materials, he said.

The stub was installed in early 2000s with original improvements for Sunwood Drive for future development, said Shane Nelson, co-interim city engineer.

The recent COR Two plat does not use the stub and it needs to be removed or abandoned, he said.

“Abandoning the pipe will consist of installing blow pipes on both sides, filling the pipe full of sand and bulk-heading at the structure,” Nelson said.

The storm sewer stub is located near the intersection of Zeolite Street and Bunker Lake Boulevard.

Landform, the city’s development manager. reviewed the change order and recommended its approval.

Tammy Sakry is at [email protected]