St. Francis changes how code violations are handled

With no discussion, the St. Francis City Council has adopted a new code enforcement ordinance.

The council Aug. 20 unanimously approved allowing staff to issue code enforcement violations and levy fines.

Under the new ordinance, residents will have a set time to take care of any violations, which are complaint based, and pay fines if the violation is not fixed, said City Administrator Matt Hylen.

Residents would have up to 20 days to correct violations.

Under the new ordinance, residents will be fined for not fixing the violations within the given deadline.

Violators only have 14 days to pay the fine or appeal the citation to a hearing officer.

The first fine could be $100 after the 20-day deadline, Hylen said in an earlier interview.

If the problem is not corrected by the second deadline, the city could assess a second fine of $250.

The fines could reach up to $2,000 for a fifth violation and any additional fines would be at the $2,000 level.

Fines not paid would be assessed to the property, Hylen said.

The new ordinance will go into effect Sept. 24.

Tammy Sakry is at [email protected]