Two charged in Coon Rapids armed robbery

Two men have been charged in Anoka County District Court after a woman was robbed a gunpoint outside a Coon Rapids Cub Foods store Friday night (Aug. 24).

Terrence Dontreal Daniels, 21, and Antonio Maurice Hughes, 19, both of St. Paul, were arraigned in court today (Tuesday, Aug. 28) on a first-degree aggravated robbery charge.

A 17-year-old female was referred to Anoka County Juvenile Court on the same charge.

Shortly after 10 p.m. Aug. 24, a woman, 20, was with her friend, 17, in the parking lot outside Cub Foods when a black male pulled a gun and took her money, according to the complaint.

The suspect was with another black male and an Asian female and left in a car.

The two women were able to provide police with a make, description and license plate number of the vehicle.

A Coon Rapids Police officer, arriving in response to the robbery call, spotted the suspect vehicle at Hanson Boulevard and Robinson Drive, then followed as it entered eastbound Highway 10.

Police executed a high risk traffic stop prior to the Highway 65 exit and two black males, identifed as Hughes and Daniels, as well as the Asian female were removed from the vehicle, while a black handgun was located in plain sight on the floor of the vehicle, according to the complaint.

Both the women were taken to the arrest scene and allegedly positively identified the three people in the vehicle as being involved in the robbery and Hughes as the man with the gun.

In a statement to an Anoka County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation (CID) detective, the woman alleged she had made arrangements to meet with a “Tim” in the Cub Foods parking lot to buy a bag of marijuana for $20 and she and her friend met with two unknown black males and an Asian female.

One of the males, allegedly identified as Daniels, got in the back seat of the woman’s car, they drove around and she gave him $20, but he said he did not have the marijuana; his friend did.

Back at the parking lot, the woman alleged that Daniels got out of her car and Hughes got in, pulled a black revolver handgun and told her to give him all her money.

She alleged that Hughes took all her money, about $436, got out of her car. She tried to stop him, but they drove away.

In her statement, the girl who was with the woman alleged she did not know her friend was meeting people when they stopped at the Cub Foods parking lot.

She alleged that when Hughes got into the car she was not paying attention to what he and her friend were talking about, but when she turned around she saw the man lift his shirt and display a handgun tucked into his waistband, at which point she turned away scared.

In a statement, the Asian teen who was arrested alleged that she went with Hughes and Daniels to Coon Rapids to meet some people and get some marijuana with the intent of taking it and not paying for it.

She alleged Daniels and Hughes met with two females in the Cub Foods parking lot and the two drove off with Daniels in the back seat before returning at which Daniels time exited the car and Hughes got in the back seat.

The juvenile female alleged that when Hughes got out of the car, he was arguing with the woman driver and pulled out a handgun.

According to the complaint, besides the handgun, several mobile phones and a bag of what is believed to be marijuana was found.

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