Jail sentence for guilty Anoka man

A 27-year-old Anoka man was sentenced Aug. 9 in Anoka County District Court to 60 days in jail for a conviction of a gross misdemeanor charge of violating a domestic abuse no contact order.

The rest of Aaron Jacob Smith’s one-year sentence beyond the 60 days will be stayed during the two years that he will be on probation. In addition, Smith must pay a $385 fine.

According to the criminal complaint, Smith got into a fight with his ex-girlfriend while they were drinking at a bar on Aug. 13, 2011. He took her keys and purse and drove away.

When she got a ride to Smith’s home from a friend to retrieve her vehicle, Smith punched her in the face repeatedly and threw her to the ground. When her friend tried to intervene, Smith pressed a .22 caliber rifle against the abdomen of the victim’s male friend and threatened to kill him after he tried to intervene, according to the complaint.

Authorities executed a search warrant at Smith’s home and found a case and ammunition for a .22 caliber rifle, but they did not locate the rifle.

In exchange for Smith pleading guilty to the violation of the domestic abuse no contact order June 18, the Anoka County Attorney’s Office dismissed felony second-degree assault and terroristic threats as well as a gross misdemeanor fifth-degree assault charges.

Smith was previously convicted of fifth-degree assault in September 2008 in Isanti County District Court and of terroristic threats in May 2003 in Anoka County. He was forbidden from having contact with his ex-girlfriend.

There is another case pending involving Smith and his ex-girlfriend. According to the complaint, Smith broke down the door of her St. Francis apartment July 22 when she had the door slightly open with the chain still on. He was arraigned July 24 in court on felony charges of first-degree burglary and violating a no contact order.

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