Golf column: A great time to golf

As the season wears on and the fall comes rolling in, the golf course tends to get less busy and the intimidation factor may also drop.If you are a recreational golfer that maybe hasn’t been out this year I understand the course can be a little daunting.

With fewer players in the fall, there are also more deals that you can find. At The Links of Northfork, we have online specials. The fall is a great time to play here because we don’t have many leaves on the ground, so finding your ball tends to be pretty easy. If you haven’t had a chance to play this year it’s not too late. Just go online, check out a facility, and go out in the sunshine and enjoy yourself this fall.

The golf tip

The most common mistake on the golf course is the slice. This is where the right-handed golfer hits a shot that goes from left to right. The common fix is aiming more left, thus increasing the massive side spin you are already putting on the ball and actually creating more of a slice.

Most people hit a slice because they don’t have a proper understanding of the foundation, and they don’t understand the laws and principles of the golf swing.

By a proper foundation I mean having the correct foot alignment, the correct hip alignment and the correct shoulder alignment.

All of the three major parts should be aligned with the target. You also have to have a proper grip and grip pressure to allow your hands and your body to work together to create a good golf swing.

This is where we should all look pretty much the same before we hit the ball, with good alignment in the body, a good athletic posture with the body and proper grip.

When the swing starts, that’s when individuality sets in. There are similarities and may look almost indicial, but they are not.

At impact we have to get back to a similar place. This can be done by understanding the divot and ball flight.

For the everyday slicer the divot or club head directional path of the ball will start out at the target and work its way left of the target.

The plane or angle of the downswing will be from outside to inside. It will feel like you’re cutting across your body, hence putting the side spin on the ball.

If you can understand why the ball is going where it is going, then maybe you can control the ball flight better and lower your scores.

Joshua Breen is head PGA professional at The Links at Northfork in Ramsey.

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