Two charged with Ramsey burglary

Two men are facing felony charges for allegedly breaking into a Ramsey home.

Corey James Peterson of Taylors Falls and Jordan Michael Armour of Elk River, both 28, were charged in Anoka County District Court with first-degree burglary Aug. 13.

According to the criminal complaint, a Ramsey couple returned to their home on the 6200 block of Rivlyn Avenue on Aug. 10 around 1:45 p.m. to find a white pickup they did not recognize in their driveway.

When the husband walked around to the side of the home, he discovered one man leaning through an open window and a second man inside his home.

According the criminal report, the husband asked the men what they were doing and they allegedly said “they were looking for items.”

The man leaning against the window ran away from the husband and got into the white pickup and started to drive away.

As the homeowner entered the house, the second man ran past him, pushing him down.

According to the report, the second man jumped into the back of the pickup.

The pickup was later stopped in Anoka. It was driven by Armour and Peterson was the passenger.

No items appeared to have been taken.

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