Coon Rapids man charged for fleeing police in stolen vehicle

A Coon Rapids man was not only allegedly driving a stolen vehicle in Anoka, he then fled police in it.

Travis Allen Gardner, 26, 12390 Zea St. N.W., is due back in court Sept. 4 on felony motor vehicle theft and fleeing police in a vehicle charges.

At Gardner’s arraignment Aug. 8, bail was set at $2,000 with no conditions and $500 cash with conditions.

The evening of Aug. 6, an Anoka Police officer received information that a Ford Explorer that had been reported stolen in Fridley July 30 was in Anoka and he located it in the parking lot of the boat landing on Adams Street.

According to the complaint, the officer watched the parking lot for some time before a male wearing white shorts, but no shirt, walked round the vehicle, then got into it and drove off on to Second Avenue in a southerly direction.

The officer in an unmarked squad car pulled in behind the Explorer and activated the lights and siren in an effort to stop the vehicle, but the driver allegedly accelerated away and drove at 50 and 60 mph through residential streets that had a 30 mph speed limit before bailing on Monroe Street where it ends at 10th Avenue.

Residents reported seeing a man wearing white shorts and no shirt running in the area of Wedgewood Drive in Coon Rapids.

Then a couple pointed an Anoka Police officer to Zea Street where the officer found a man, later identified as Gardner, wearing white shorts and no shirt allegedly sweating profusely and trying to kick in the door at a residence on the 12300 block of Zea.

The officer who had seen the man get into the stolen Ford Explorer and then flee him allegedly identified Gardner as the driver.

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