Former Blaine High School girls’ basketball coach is sentenced

A former 20-year-old Blaine High School girls’ assistant basketball coach has been sentenced in Anoka County District Court.

Jenessa Diamond White, was sentenced Friday, Aug. 31 by Judge Douglas Meslow to 15 years of probation and 120 days in jail for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old player earlier this year.

White, was charged March 29 with second-degree criminal sexual conduct because she was in a position of authority and had sexual contact with a victim ages 13 to 15.

White was also charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct because she engaged in multiple sexual encounters with the player that included touching, kissing and sexual fondling.

An earlier court complaint filed against White stated the following:

During a routine Tuesday evening patrol, a Blaine officer noticed a lone car parked in the Jefferson Park. The park is located on Jefferson Street and 128th Avenue, not far from Blaine High School.

The officer noted the car’s windows were fogged up. He believed people were inside the vehicle and investigated further.

Upon closer inspection, the officer observed people in the car as well as movement. The officer also observed that the front passenger seat was in the fully reclined position.

The officer saw the head of one person and a second person laying back in the reclined seat. The second person was not wearing any pants or underwear.

The officer gave both people time to dress then spoke to each of them about the incident.

White first identified herself to police as a 16-year-old, but later corrected herself and said she was age 20.

White described the sexual contact she had engaged in, specifically mentioning she had kissed the 14-year-old as well as touched the girl’s breasts and genitals.

White told police she that knew the 14-year-old through basketball and was the girls’ ninth-grade basketball coach at Blaine High School.

The girl told police she was 14 and knew White through a dating relationship that included multiple sexual experiences, which included the March 27 incident. The girl also told police White was her coach.

White’s coaching contract at Blaine High School started Nov. 14, 2011 and ended March 17. Her contracted salary was $3,886.

White will be able to leave jail to attend school, work and therapy during her jail sentence.

Additionally, White must have no have contact with the victim and must complete a sex-offender treatment program and have no unsupervised contact with girls younger than 18.

White also told she cannot coach boys or girls younger than 21.

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