District 11 schools see test score success

Anoka-Hennepin District 11 schools are celebrating success in the wake of the release of the latest round of test results.

Nine District 11 schools are being recognized for closing the achievement gap in the 2012 Multiple Measurement Ratings (MMR). Only one school in the district, Evergreen Park Elementary School, has been identified as a focus school.

Evergreen Park is one of the 10 percent of Title I schools making the biggest contribution to the state’s achievement gap. These schools are required to develop a school improvement plan that directly addresses poor performance within a subgroup. Focus schools are identified once every three years.

Eisenhower, Madison and Monroe elementary schools were all recognized as a reward school. They were among the highest performing 15 percent of Title I schools in the state. There were 128 reward schools recognized statewide. Reward schools are identified annually.

Principals of the reward schools attributed the success of their schools in large part to the hard work of every instructional and support staff member in focusing on the specific needs of each individual student.

“We have been working very hard to make sure we know each individual student and what their learning targets are,” said Kari Rock, principal of Eisenhower. “We gathered data and used that data to help each child make as much progress as possible.”

Dorothy Olsen, principal of Madison, and Rose Wippler, principal of Monroe, also credited such things as collaboration among staff through professional learning communities, strong instructional coaching and support services, use of research-based best practices, parent involvement and pride in the school.

Celebration eligible schools from District 11 include Adams, Franklin, Hoover, Jefferson, Morris Bye and Wilson elementary schools. There were 211 celebration eligible schools identified statewide.

According to Johnna Rohmer-Hirt, director of research, evaluation and testing for District 11, Franklin earned the “celebration eligible” designation despite the fact that it has the highest mobility of all schools in the district.

Nearly one in five Franklin students move either in or out of the school during a given year so teachers are having continual changes in who they are teaching, Rohmer-Hirt said. “For a school with high mobility to rank as a celebration school is quite remarkable,” she said.

Although only Title I schools are eligible for rankings in the system, all schools receive ratings based on the percentage of eligible points they earned.

Rohmer-Hirt said five of the district’s schools earned more than 90 percent of their eligible points. Two of those – Eisenhower and Monroe – are Title I schools; the other three are not – Andover, McKinley and Sand Creek.

Celebration eligible schools include 10 percent of Title I schools with MMRs between the 60th and 86th of their grade classification. Schools must apply for this recognition.

“Our schools worked hard and it shows,” said Mary Wolverton, associate superintendent for elementary schools.

District 11 results mirror the statewide results which show that schools are gaining traction in efforts to close achievement gaps.

“Today’s data shows that we’re starting to bend the curve in the right direction,” said Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius. “Minnesota’s achievement gaps are still unacceptably large, but I believe the new accountability measures we’ve put in place, along with our new focus on closing gaps and improving outcomes for every student, will continue to accelerate the gains we see today.”

Minnesota received a waiver from the U.S. Department of Education to replace the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) measure required by No Child Left Behind with the Multiple Measures Rating (MMR).

The ratings and rankings released Aug. 30 by the Minnesota Department of Education are based on the combination of four separate measures – student proficiency on the state math and reading tests given last spring, improvement of individual students on the test from one year to the next, reduction of the achievement gap between high and low performing groups and graduation rate of high schools.

District 11 results


School, MMR, Focus rating

Andover High School, 68.84 percent, 84.61 percent

Anoka High School, 49.9 percent, 24.2 percent

Blaine High School, 38.63 percent, 66.94 percent

Champlin Park High School, 60.19 percent, 31.47 percent

Coon Rapids High School, 55.66 percent, 76.08 percent

Crossroads Altnerative School, 31.37 percent, 42.93 percent

STEP, 55.91 percent, 62.38 percent


Anoka Middle School for the Arts, 36.71 percent, 72.75 percent

Coon Rapids Middle School, 29.2 percent, 68.24 percent

Jackson Middle School, 54.43 percent, 67.34 percent

Northdale Middle School, 51.28 percent, 65.09 percent

Oak View Middle School, 60.74 percent, 72.52 percent

Roosevelt Middle School, 68.69 percent, 82.88 percent


Adams Elementary**, 67.55 percent, 82.47 percent

Andover Elementary, 91.17 percent, 92.25 percent

Champlin/Brooklyn Park Academy for Math and Environmental Science, 84.29 percent, 89.65 percent

Crooked Lake Elementary, 78.58 percent, 86.91 percent

Dayton Elementary, 64.67 percent, 76.5 percent

Eisenhower Elementary***, 95.53 percent, 97.46 percent

Evergreen Park Elementary*, 28.37 percent, 25.79 percent

Franklin Elementary**, 63.16 percent, 74.78 percent

Hamilton Elementary, 29.42 percent, 68.94 percent

Hoover Elementary**, 74.94 percent, 85.58 percent

Jefferson Elementary**, 79.81 percent, 83.1 percent

Johnsville Elementary, 79.99 percent, 87.93 percent

Lincoln Elementary, 27.77 percent, 59.79 percent

Madison Elementary***, 83.21 percent, 90.22 percent

McKinley Elementary, 94.28 percent, 96.06 percent

Mississippi Elementary, 48.43 percent, 79.29 percent

Monroe Elementary***, 96.14 percent, 97.27 percent

Morris Bye Elementary**, 64.77 percent, 73.13 percent

Oxbow Creek Elementary, 69.39 percent, 78.59 percent

Ramsey Elementary, 75.8 percent, 84.56 percent

River Trail Learning Center at L.O. Jacob, 61.31 percent, 67 percent

Rum River Elementary, 87.4 percent, 87.99 percent

Sand Creek Elementary, 93.95 percent, 97.33 percent

University Avenue Elementary, 33.08 percent, 29.05 percent

Wilson Elementary**, 66.49 percent, 92.38 percent


* Focus

** Celebration eligible

*** Reward

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