Life Looking Back for Sept. 7, 2012

Blaine mayor criticizes Blaine police

Charges of “police state” have been leveled against the Blaine Police Department by Blaine Mayor Roger Barnes. “If the Police Department is succumbing to political pressure, we no longer have competent protection but political vendettas,” charged Barnes.

Barnes said, “pressure has increased since my recent announcement that I would like a compete revamping of the department.” Barnes says he “feels the Department is top loaded.”

– 40 years ago, Aug. 25, 1972


Blaine facing budget deficit of $178,000

Blaine City Council learned last Thursday the city may have to lay off some employees and make major changes in city operations in an effort to wipe out a projected deficit of $178,000 in the city’s proposed 1983 budget.

City Manager Les Johnson presented council with those hard choices when he submitted the city’s preliminary 1983 budget for council consideration.

The news was not good. Although Blaine has taken steps to offset 1982 revenue losses Johnson said, “For 1983 however, we are forced to look at cutbacks.”

– 30 years ago, Aug. 27, 1982


Facilities study focuses on growth in District 11

The Anoka-Hennepin School District may soon be seeking the answers to a possible $200,000 worth of questions. The answers will presumably tell district educators and the school board exactly what they need to know to plan for the future.

– 20 years ago, Aug. 28, 1992


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