CTN broadcasting more live sports

CTN Studios is broadcasting 20 regular season high school sporting events live this fall in Coon Rapids on Channel 15.

New station technology along with approval from the Northwest Suburban Conference allows for the expanded live coverage, according to Eric Strouse, CTN production manager.

In years past, some locations were not suitable or technically capable to support live coverage, but thanks to new LiveU technology, CTN Studios can broadcast live from just about anywhere, Strouse said.

LiveU is a cellular and network high definition (HD) transmission system that is often used by local news stations to transmit live segments back to the television station, he said.

CTN Studios is using the LiveU technology to transmit an entire game back to the station, which is a cost effective and efficient way to transmit a live HD signal on the air, Strouse said.

To cover the 20 games live, CTN Studios worked with the Northwest Suburban Conference and Coon Rapids Athletic Director Kelley Scott to gain approval.

“CTN Studios sports coverage offers young athletes the opportunity to watch their games and share school spirit in a positive light on cable television,” Scott said.

CTN Studios continues to be a leader in community cable television, according to Strouse.

The station is the first among community television stations to transmit live HD event and game coverage back to the station, Strouse said.

CTN Studios was also the first community cable television station in Minnesota to purchase an HD mobile production truck, he said.

The 2012 fall sports season is already under way.

Live coverage of Coon Rapids High School football debuted Aug. 30 when Coon Rapids hosted Totino Grace.

For a complete listing of live games and a programming schedule, visit ctnstudios.com.

CTN Studios is a department of the city of Coon Rapids and is funded primarily through cable television franchise and PEG revenues.

CTN Studios local programming is available only on Xfinity (Comcast) cable on Channel 15.

Other surrounding Anoka County communities can also view programming from CTN during the hours of 6 to 11 p.m. on cable Channel 18.

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