Union Looking Back for Sept. 14, 2012

Four firemen hurt

The department was called out Friday night by the burning of Jas. Reddy’s house east of the depot. The house was vacant and it is thought was soaked with oil and set on fire. Insurance overed the loss as the house had been occupied up to two weeks ago. Four firemen were hurt. Carl Colburn got his foot caught when he went to get on the truck and would have been dangerously hurt if he had his shoe laced. The shoe pulled off and Colburn made the seat after the team had started. The wagon struck the door and sprung an axle.

– 100 years ago, Sept. 11, 1912


Anoka Scout home from world camp

Robert Donaldson, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Donaldson, returned to Anoka Wednesday after spending a month in Europe with 823 American Boy Scouts who composed the World Jamboree Scout group. Robert brought home with him many articles of interest from other countries including over 1000 varieties of stamps, wooden shoes, a Jugo Slovakia Scout headdress, neckerchiefs, Dutch shirt and an English Scout belt.

Robert has been gone from Anoka for over two months, leaving June 27 for Washington to attend the Jamboree.

– 75 years ago, Sept. 8, 1937


Remedial reading in lower grades urged by counselor

Remedial reading in the lower grades is needed if juvenile delinquency in Anoka county is to decline, the Anoka county Director of Youth Services told the Anoka Kiwanis at Greenhaven Country club Wednesday.

While there is no set pattern for a juvenile delinquent, “One of the main causes I find (40 per cent) is the youth’s inability to read will and understand the material,” Irving J. Barrett said.

– 50 years ago, Sept. 7, 1962


‘Cruisers’ cause problem to police, area businesses

Out-of-town “cruisers,” some young and some not so young, are creating problems in Anoka by congregating in parking lots, running through stores, hassling citizens and drag racing their vehicles on city streets, Anoka City Council was told Tuesday.

– 25 years ago, Sept. 11, 1987


• Compiled by Kelly Johnson


Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.

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