Life Looking Back for Sept. 14, 2012

Swamp converted to village park

A swamp has been converted into a park for Spring Lake Park residents through the efforts of the Village Council and several community service organizations during the past two years.

Two years ago, the village dredged a basin to contain storm sewer overflow, forming a small pond about 30 inches deep. They also seeded the rest of the area, Triangle Park, on Able Street, Dee Place and Manor, with the help of the Jaycees, Mrs. Jaycees, Lions, Girl Scouts and other concerned citizens.

– 40 years ago, Sept. 1, 1972


Four weeks and counting

Somehow, in the eyes of the several who have been working at the site which one time – May 16 – was a freshly dug hole near the softball fields in Blaine’s Aquator Park, it has not been one of those normal “do-it-yourself” type projects.

There have been countless hours of pouring concrete, laying blocking, fitting metal framework and installing pipe. There has been roof-work, moving dirt, finishing benches and working around the weather which was at one time wet and later almost unbearably hot.

– 30 years ago, Sept. 3, 1982


Indeed, it was one tourney of ‘almosts’

The Spring Lake Park 14-year-old traveling team had what could be described as an “almost incredible finish” to the baseball season. Competing last month in the AAU National Tournament in Blaine, the Park team lost an extra-inning first-round game, won six straight and then lost an extra-inning game in the consolation final.

– 20 years ago, Sept. 4, 1992


• Compiled by Kelly Johnson

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