Totino snaps Tornadoes’ unbeaten streak

The Totino-Grace Eagles swooped in to Goodrich Field Friday (Sept. 14) ready to take on the Tornadoes and snap Anoka’s unbeaten string of early-season games and extend their own winning streak.

Tornado running back Reid Lindsey (10) looks for a hole in the Totino-Grace defense. Photo by Bill Jones
Tornado running back Reid Lindsey (10) looks for a hole in the Totino-Grace defense. Photo by Bill Jones

Anoka responded to every Totino attack, matching touchdown for touchdown throughout the game’s first half.

But then, with just 1.22 left to go before halftime, the Tornadoes’ kick-off was returned for a Totino touchdown.

The Eagles grabbed that momentum and never relented, ultimately taking home a 43-29 victory.

End zone action began with Totino scoring on a 23-yard run early in the first quarter but missing the kick.

Anoka responded and took a 7-6 lead with 80 seconds to go in the first quarter after quarterback Malcolm Seals completed a 36-yard touchdown pass to Brent Golobich and Tony Erickson’s extra-point kick was good.

Totino scored again to which the Tornadoes responded with a run/pass offense resulting in an 11-yard run by Reid Lindsay who carried the ball into the end zone, tying the score 14-14 with 1.22 to go in the first half.

A penalty against Anoka on the kick-off resulted in a re-kick from the 35 yard line – a re-kick that was returned for a touchdown.

Returning to the field with the score  20-14, Anoka ran and passed and ran some more, entering the end zone twice more before game’s end.

The first coming after a series of first downs before Kristian Manthey carried the ball into the end zone. Kick is good and the third quarter ends with Anoka trailing 36-21.

In the fourth, Manthey completed a 12-yard touchdown run. The two-point conversion run by Lindsay was good, but throughout the game Totino’s power never waned and a series of strong Eagles runs and passing plays resulted in six touchdowns and the final 43-29 Tornado loss.


Notes from the sidelines

Other Sept. 14 Northwest Suburban and North Suburban Conference games played out like this:

Andover 34, Coon Rapids 13

Blaine 14, Osseo 35

St. Francis 41, North Branch 42

Spring Lake Park 47, St. Louis Park 14

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