Ramsey promotes hunting to reduce deer population

While they can range from cute to majestic, deer can also be a major hazard on Ramsey roads.

In the last two years, there have been 179 motor vehicle accidents involving deer and possibly more, said Ramsey Police Chief Jim Way.

“A lot people do not report deer accidents,” he said.

In addition the accidents, the city has also received complaints about the large number of deer in the city.

“The deer have become a safety issue,” Way said.

The deer have caused thousands of dollars in damage to vehicles, caused personal injury and have caused damage to landscaping, he said.

Way looked into the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources urban deer population control policies and procedures in hopes of reducing the deer population, but found the steps to document the deer number, public meetings, coordinate a hunt to bring the numbers down and complete the management plan would be too time consuming and costly.

“We don’t have the man power,” Way said.

Instead, the city will make efforts to promote bow and shotgun hunting in the city, which requires a permit as well as permission of the land owner, Way said.

In the last couple of years, the Ramsey City Council expanded allowed bow and shotgun hunting in the city limits, he said.

In 2011, there were 85 permits for deer hunting in the city and 50 deer were harvested.

For residents that do not hunt but want to reduce the number of deer on their land, the Ramsey Police Department has a list of hunters that residents can have come in and hunt on their land, Way said.

Hunting applications are available at the Ramsey Police Station.

Tammy Sakry is at [email protected]