Union Looking Back for Sept. 21, 2012

All installed

The State Bank has issued invitations to their new burglar and fire proof vaults, to take place all day to-morrow. The old vault was enlarged to more than double its former size, and the latest in burglar proofing was installed. The vault is so arranged and electrified that the slightest tampering with locks, combinations or walls, starts immense gongs to ringing. One of the gongs is in front of the bank building and would rouse the town.

– 100 years ago, Sept. 18, 1912


Firemen on job in test fire run

At exactly 6:47 Chief of Fire Department John N. Peterson pulled the alarm box at Track Inn and the fire whistle blew in a few seconds. The first fireman to reach the scene was Ed Bates who happened to be on the street in his car. The first truck driven by Joe Ridge reached the hydrant in three minutes and 37 seconds, a little over a mile run. In four minutes, 27 seconds water was shooting from the nozzle.

The alarm brought a great crowd of spectators in cars and on foot. A record was made of the number of cars violating the ordinance forbidding parking in the same block.

– 75 years ago, Sept. 15, 1937


District 11 school enrollment 13,594

The Board of Education of Anoka-Hennepin School District 11 received the report on enrollment at its meeting Monday evening which showed that 13,594 pupils were enrolled on opening day of school, Sept. 4. This 1962 figure exceeds the September, 1961 enrollment of 11,551 by over 2,000 and explains the shortage of classrooms in District 11, which has been somewhat alleviated by the renting of 14 classrooms in five churches.

– 50 years ago, Sept. 14, 1962


A gap to be bridged

What has become an increasingly bad problem will remain a problem and is likely to get worse before it gets better, following a split-vote decision made last week by Anoka City Council. This week’s emergency closing of two lanes of the Anoka-Champlin bridge has only cast an even cloudier shadow over the issue of “what to do about Ferry St.”

– 25 years ago, Sept. 18, 1987


• Compiled by Kelly Johnson


Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.

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