Man charged in Coon Rapids stabbing incident

A man drove himself to Unity Hospital early Sept. 19 with multiple wounds from a stabbing incident in Coon Rapids.

Maurice Aikens

The victim, 24, allegedly identified Maurice Lenell Aikens, 47, 660 106th Lane N.W., Coon Rapids, as the person who stabbed him

Aikens was arraigned in Anoka County District Court this morning (Friday, Sept. 21) on felony second- and third-degree assault charges.

According to the complaint, shortly before 2 a.m. Sept. 19, a Fridley Police officer tried to make a traffic stop for erratic driving of a vehicle, which continued until the driver reached the hospital emergency room entrance.

When the driver got out of his car, the officers observed him to have multiple stab wounds, there was a large amount of blood on the driver’s side of the vehicle and then the driver collapsed inside the emergency room.

In an interview with police later Sept. 19, the victim said he had gone to an area on the 400 block of 106th Avenue N.W. to meet a man, later identified as Aikens, who allegedly had sold him cocaine two days before, but failed to give him the amount for which is paid.

Following a series of text messages, the victim alleged that he and Aikens agreed to meet and fight until one of them had been “knocked out.”

But when they met and the victim punched Aikens, he alleged that Aikens repeatedly stabbed him before fleeing in his vehicle.

Investigating a hit-and-run accident on the same block on 106th Avenue where a minivan had backed into a tree in a resident’s yard before leaving the area, officers found droplets of blood on the ground, according to the Coon Rapids Police report.

Following his arrest Sept. 19, Aikens, in a post-Miranda statement, alleged he and the victim had been friends for over a year and admitted to owing the man for a drug debt and engaging in a heated argument through text messages.

But he alleged that he had been driving when he was suddenly cut off by the man, who then approached him in a threatening manner.

Aikens alleged he grabbed a flat head screwdriver for “self-defense” and when the man punched him in the face, he repeatedly stabbed him in the back with the screwdriver, prompting the man to back away, at which point he left in his vehicle and went home.

He allegedly admitted to going back to the location of the fight to fetch his hat, which had fallen off during the incident.

According to the complaint, the victim had one puncture wound behind his left armpit and two below his right ribcage from the stabbing.


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