No hike in District 11 school tax levy

The preliminary 2013 total property tax levy will remain near 2012 levels in Anoka-Hennepin School District 11.

School Board members Monday approved a preliminary 2013 levy that calls for a zero percent increase from the current amount.

The 2012 general fund levy in 2012 is $72,977,804.13. In 2013, that is proposed to decrease by $401,123.66 to $72,576,680.47.

The community service levy will see a $2,713.82 increase in 2013 to a total of $3,109,434.17. That is a .09 percent increase.

Debt service will increase $285,570.35 to $20,721,013.32 in 2013, a 1.4 percent increase.

The OPEB (other post employment benefits) fund will see the largest increase in 2013, going up $112,189.68 (5.47 percent) to $2,163,583.99.

In all the district’s 2013 property tax levy is preliminarily set to total $98,570,711.95, a $649.81 decrease from the 2012 levy amount of $98,571,361.76.

Michelle Vargas, chief financial officer, told school board members that District 11 will levy the maximum amount allowed. Changes can be made if needed prior to final levy certification in December. By law, the district can keep the levy amount the same or reduce the levy. It cannot be increased.

“I don’t foresee any changes at this time,” Vargas said.

A public hearing on the proposed 2013 property tax levy take place held Dec. 10 at 6 p.m. at the Sandburg Education Center. The school board is expected to certify the final levy that evening as well.