Coon rapids council approves stop sign, parking restrictions ordinances

Two traffic control ordinances have been approved by the Coon Rapids City Council. One was a stop sign on Larch Street at 127th Avenue and the other parking restrictions at 127th Avenue and Shenandoah Boulevard.

A resident on the 400 block of 127th Avenue requested the stop sign on Larch at 127th and it was reviewed by the Traffic Review Committee.

According to Steve Gatlin, acting city manager/public services director, 127th Avenue traffic is currently stopped at Foley Boulevard and north and southbound traffic on Foley is stopped at 127th.

A stop sign at the intersection would improve safety and visibility for motorists driving in the area, he said.

Parking restrictions at 127th Avenue and Shenandoah Boulevard were recommended by the committee following a request by resident Dale Koch.

Koch was concerned about sight distance problems created by parked vehicles at the intersection of 127th and Shenandoah, specifically for traffic trying to turn on to Shenandoah.

According to Gatlin, the committee found a significant number of cars parked on both Shenandoah and 127th near the intersection of Shenandoah.

To improve visibility and minimize the impact of on-street parking, the committee recommended that parking be restricted for 50 feet from the intersecting curbs on all four legs of the intersection, as provided in city code.