Nowthen adopts increased 2013 preliminary tax levy

The preliminary 2013 Nowthen property tax levy calls for a 4.86 percent increase over 2012 number.

Nowthen City Council members approved the proposed preliminary budget and levy at a special meeting Sept. 17. The total proposed levy amount is $1,149,000.

Part of the increase is due to the replacement of a culvert in Country Meadows, which is estimated to cost $40,000. City Clerk Corrie LaDoucer said that city leaders will get a better idea of the cost to replace the culvert after a camera is brought in to determine the culvert’s condition.

Also included in the proposed 2013 budget is $213,740 for the second year of a two-year law enforcement contract with the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office. In 2012 the city paid $105,511 for law enforcement services.

While councilmembers considered additional cuts to the proposed budget, LaDoucer told them that the budget is already tight and money needs to be kept in the budget for emergencies.

Anticipated revenue in addition to the property tax levy includes $119,597.56 for the general fund, $2,350 for the road and bridge fund, $33,400 for the recycling center and $7,000 for fire calls.

Once approved, by law, the city’s levy amount can be lowered or remain the same when the final levy amount is adopted in December. It cannot be increased.

The council will likely consider the final budget and levy at its Dec. 11 meeting.

Kelly Johnson is at [email protected]