Letters to the editor for Oct. 5, 2012

Newton is liberal

To the Editor:

I would like to have the opportunity to respond to two very partisan letters that appeared in your paper on August 24.

The first was written by Bruce Sanders. He wrote a letter praising Jerry Newton. The first part covered Jerry’s service record. I, too, appreciate and thank Jerry for his military service. I take exception to his comment that Jerry has worked harder than any other candidate to get things done for veterans and the general public.

In fact, I don’t think Mr. Sanders can point to even one accomplishment Jerry achieved in his one term in the Legislature. I also take exception to Mr. Sanders signing his letter with his Legion post and position. It implies that Legion post 334 has endorsed Jerry.

I am also a member of that post and I do not support Jerry. In fact, I suspect the majority of the members do not.

The other letter was written by DFL supporters John and Mami FitzSimons. They claim Jerry worked across party lines. That is far from what Jerry actually did while in the Legislature. Jerry was a far left liberal who voted a straight party line on every issue.

One example of what to expect from Jerry. He was the chief author of a bill that would have given Minnesota school boards the authority to levy their tax payers whatever they wanted without any tax payer approval. Even members on his own party found that extreme.

The FitzSimons claim Jerry would return a focus on getting things done rather than ideology. That sounds good but does not sound like Jerry. Jerry was a very partisan politician, who accomplished nothing while in the legislature.

Jerry is an old-time tired politician. He has run four times for office in the Minnesota Legislature. He got in once and the voters immediately rejected him in the next election. That one term gave voters an opportunity to see how he would represent them. He was rejected and I think he will be rejected again.

I support Mandy Benz for Minnesota 37A House of Representatives. Mandy is an honest hard working lady who tells you where she stands on all the major issues.

She is a strong fiscal conservative who will bring common sense to St Paul. She will truly represent the best interests of the hard working families of District 37A.

Harland A. Wyvell
Coon Rapids


Johnson for state Senate

To the Editor:

Our society and our government lately seem hopelessly divided and deadlocked. No compromises can be made. Being eager to work together to solve problems is taken as a sign of weakness or low character. But I’ve never believed that.

There was a time not that long ago when we Minnesotans knew that we’re all in this together and we lived accordingly. We had legislators that worked with each other across party lines to get things done.

It was like that when Alice Johnson served in the Minnesota House. Now we have an opportunity to elect her to the Minnesota Senate in District 37.

An example of her dedication to building a healthy community was her faithful service as a board member for Mediation Services of Anoka County. That organization provides a way for adversaries to sit down together and settle their differences reasonably so that everyone benefits. That is Alice’s style.

Alice Johnson would never vote to shut down our state government and close our state parks just to score political points. We need to restore balance and common sense in our state government.

With hope in my heart and a practical mind, I will vote on November 6 to elect Alice Johnson to the Minnesota Senate.

Eva Jeppson


Camp for the future

To the Editor:

I would like to thank Anoka-Hennepin District 11 Community Education and Anoka Middle School for the Arts – Fred Moore Campus for hosting the Camp Invention program this summer.

Camp Invention director Stacy Cranston and talented local teaching camp staff helped to prepare local youth for future success through practical application of the 21st century learning skills such as teamwork, creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving.

Thirty-eight Anoka elementary students joined over 77,000 students nationwide in tackling exciting hands-on STEM challenges at the Camp Invention program.

The science, technology, engineering and math concepts that they learned were used to solve a series of real-world problems that required innovative solutions.

I especially want to thank the adult and youth staff and the students in Anoka for the exceptional creativity and inventiveness that they displayed throughout the week.

Susan Z. Clarke
Camp Invention regional consultant


Undermines marriage

To the Editor:

On Nov. 6 we will vote whether to define marriage as only between one man and one woman.

Genesis records the union (marriage) of Adam and Eve, who begot Cain and Abel.

Our society is accepting more behaviors that undermine marriage. Contraception, premarital sex and cohabitation are more the norm today for those planning marriage.

Of course, the introduction of “the pill” was followed by increased abortions, although now legal, abortion (killing the unborn) is still contrary to God’s law.

Government programs such as Aid to Dependent Children have eliminated the need for a father. The results of the many attacks on marriage are divorce, broken families, more physical, spiritual and emotional sicknesses and generally more pain for people.

Practically speaking God has been thrown into the garbage along with the dead babies.

We seem to have drifted into moral relativism lacking definite values. Consider that in the beginning God who is love made the family to mirror His love. In marriage we share in God’s creation of life by begetting children. It is all so obviously God’s plan.

And what business does the state have with marriage? The state imposes requirements on marriage in part to protect it for the common good. This provides for a continuation of our population and children who are well nurtured and educated.

A home with both father and mother has been shown to accomplish these purposes best.

Changing the definition of marriage will compromise the primary reason for marriage that is the procreation and rearing of citizens.

Without the amendment we leave it to politicians or judges to define marriage; don’t let that happen!

Marriage between one man and one woman was ordained by God. It is our duty to protect marriage by voting yes for this amendment on Nov. 6.

That will be a beginning, but we must then restore marriage to its former dignity under God.

Don Koehler


Voter ID concern

To the Editor:

I am extremely concerned about the harm the Voter ID amendment will do to our current voting system in Minnesota.

It threatens the voting rights of all Minnesotans who do not have a current photo ID.

To qualify for that “free” photo ID you must have a lot of valid documentation that for many is impossible to get.

How can naturalized citizens get a birth certificate from their country of origin? What about adopted people or those born at home?

How will those voting absentee acquire ID that is “substantially equivalent to a photo ID”?

I am particularly concerned that people will vote on the ballot language and not realize all the implications of the actual amendment language, which will change the Minnesota voting system completely and add millions of dollars in expense to both individuals and counties for obtaining valid records and for setting up provisional voting in every precinct.

If you are equally concerned about the loss of voting rights that this amendment will bring about, please spread the word.

People must understand that if this amendment passes, photo ID will be the only way to vote.

Kathie Whelchel
Coon Rapids


Lawn signs are stolen

To the Editor:

Vote yes on the marriage amendment.

Lawn signs are being stolen on a regular basis in Coon Rapids – I had a “Vote Yes – Marriage, One Man, One Woman” lawn sign in my front yard and it was stolen Saturday night.

I went around the block where I live and noticed the other Vote Yes signs were also gone. Our parish priest mentioned last week that someone stole the Vote Yes sign from in front of the church rectory.

This is really stooping low for the opposition – the Vote No crowd, to be stealing the Vote Yes signs.  They also do it under the cover of darkness at night!

I hope they will get caught and prosecuted.

Marge Miller
Coon Rapids

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