Vandals target marriage amendment signs, homes

Disappearing political signs is not an uncommon occurrence during election season, but a Blaine police captain said perpetrators took it a step further when they spray painted some homes with images of male and female anatomy.

Capt. Kerry Fenner of the Blaine Police Department told ABC Newspapers they received nine reports on Monday evening, Oct. 1 and Tuesday morning, Oct. 2 regarding vandalism. In all cases, “Vote No” to the marriage amendment signs were targeted.

Fenner said one “Vote No” sign was stolen. Some other signs were spray painted with the word “yes” over the word “no.”

Fenner said the spray paint was the color of black in all cases and the vandalism was somewhat clumped together. Homes west of Radisson Road in the 13200 block and homes on the 12000 block of Waconia Street were targeted.

Anoka resident Barb Thurston spoke of sign vandalism during open forum of the Oct. 1 Anoka City Council meeting. She showed the council a “Vote Yes” sign from her neighborhood that was spray painted in red with the word “bigot.”

Thurston said she just wanted the council to be aware of what was going on. Her first sign was trampled and damaged within 12 hours of her placing it. She got another sign from her church and this sign along with a neighbor’s “Vote Yes” sign were spray painted four days later.

Capt. Scott Nolan told ABC Newspapers that the Anoka Police Department also received reports of a sign being stolen, one being spray painted over completely and another sign damaged by someone running it over. These three signs were “Vote No” signs.

Minnesota voters will decide Nov. 6 whether the state constitution should be amended to define marriage as only between a man and a woman. Those who vote yes want marriage defined this way. Those who vote no feel a person should be able to marry a person of the same sex and do not want the constitution to bind future generations from making changes in the law to allow this. Even if the amendment does not pass, Minnesota law still does not recognize the marriage of two people of the same sex.

All these cases are still under investigation, according to the two police captains.

Call 911 to report suspicious activity.

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