Golf column: Getting excited about golf

When I sat down to write this article Bubba Watson was teeing off the first tee at Medinah in Chicago. The USA had a four-point lead starting the final round of the Ryder Cup.

Jeff Tollette demonstrates his putting tip.
Jeff Tollette demonstrates his putting tip.

For those of you who missed the finish of the second day and the play of Ian Poulter and Tiger Woods down the stretch, you missed some of the most exciting golf I have watched in many years.

If you missed it I would find the footage on the Golf Channel or the Internet and sit down with your favorite beverage and enjoy. Ian put on the best display of golf I have ever witnessed in my time on this earth.

This is an exciting time for our sport and the Ryder Cup is proof that golf is here to stay. Enormous crowds and great play prove that this is a sport for all ages.

Last month I wrote about great places to play this fall; once again I would build on the excitement of the Ryder Cup and get out and play a round.

Most, if not all, courses are on reduced fall rates and they should all be in great shape. So grab a friend or family member and hit the links or better yet get 10-12 players together and play a Ryder Cup event.

You can make a morning and afternoon tee time at your favorite course and play a best ball event in the morning and singles event in the afternoon.

Finally, I have a tip to become a better putter. First, I would put six tees in the ground along the line you want the ball to travel about six inches apart in two lines (see picture).

Then I would practice 30-foot putts taking the putter straight back and straight through down the line.

After you get used to the line I would focus on the distance not the direction.

Do this for additional 100-200 practice putts focusing on distance. Once you get focused on distance you will be surprised on how many putts that you will get close or make.

Good luck!

Larry Norland is the director of golf at Green Haven Golf Course in Anoka.

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