Homes being built struck by burglars

Burglars struck two homes under construction on the 2600 block of 126th Avenue N.W., Coon Rapids, over the weekend.

Shamrock Builders reported the theft of electrical wiring and copper piping Sept. 29 from a house it was building.

The next day, Sept. 30, a man building a house on the same block told police that electrical wiring had been taken from the junction boxes at a house he was building.

The copper piping was left intact, according to the Coon Rapids Police report.

The man estimated that wiring would cost $10,000 in materials and labor to replace, the police report states.

Sept. 21, copper was stolen from a house under construction, also by Shamrock Builders, on the 2800 block of 126th Avenue N.W. and the basement was flooded.

Copper was stolen from the main water valve, water softener and gas lines and the basement was flooded with several inches of water, according to the police report.

Entry was made through a basement window, the police report states.

Damage and loss were estimated at $15,000.

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