St. Francis council orders wetland study

by Karin Craig
For the Union

The Seeyle Brook culverts at 245th Avenue in St. Francis are failing and need to be replaced soon. But the project will come with a price tag of almost $150,000, which is not currently in the city’s budget.

When asked whether the culverts could last another year, City Engineer Jared Voge told the council Oct. 1 that it was anybody’s guess.

Councilmember Steve Kane agreed with Mayor Jerry Tveit that the culverts need to be fixed and shouldn’t wait.

“If someone drives across that thing and it collapses, it could cost us a whole lot more than $150,000,” said Kane.

A wetland delineation study to determine the extent of the wetland and any impacts the project would have on it will need to be done before any work can begin to fix the problem.

According to City Administrator Matt Hylen, this expenditure was fortunately brought up while the city is still in the budgeting process.

Rather than approve the entire project immediately, the council could authorize the wetland delineation study at this time and give city staff until the next meeting to examine the budget and bring a funding recommendation to the council, Hylen said.

The council voted unanimously to authorize the wetland study and will vote on the project itself at its next meeting.