Oak Grove approves salary status for city clerk

by Paul Rignell
For the Union

The Oak Grove City Council voted Sept. 24 to change the city clerk’s role to exempt, salaried status and raise the position’s gross pay by 5 percent over the previous hourly wage.

The increase is budgeted for 2013, but the change has also been made now as Sheryl Fiskewold is taking more duties in the position with the planned retirement Dec. 7 of Executive Administrative Assistant Kathy Bahma, whose position is not budgeted to continue.

According to City Administrator Rick Juba, he, too, will take on some added duties, as will Accounting Technician Lisa Hart, whose weekly hours will expand from 32 to 40.

The change for the city clerk’s position is projected to have an impact of $1,300 for the remainder of 2012.