Sign installation delay concerns Coon Rapids Lions Club

The Coon Rapids Lions Club donated $17,000 to the city of Coon Rapids in November of 2011 to pay the bulk of the cost of installing an electronic readerboard sign at Lions Coon Creek Park.

Almost a year later, there’s still no electronic readerboard sign at the park.

Lori Anderson, Coon Rapids Lions Club president, appeared at the Coon Rapids City Council’s open mike session Sept. 18 to express her concern over the delay and ask why the sign was not in place.

According to Anderson, the company with whom the city had contracted for the sign was not fulfilling its obligation.

In his response to the council Oct. 2, City Manager Steve Gatlin said staff had met with the sign company, Signcrafters, about the status of the sign installation.

The city was told the sign would be completed by Oct. 15, he told the council.

“Staff will follow up to ensure completion and proper installation,” Gatlin wrote in his response.

“In the event this does not occur, the city will take appropriate action, up to and including locating another vendor, to complete the sign installation.

“The Lions would not be penalized in any event as the contract is with the city.”

The park, which is located on Hanson Boulevard, between Northdale Boulevard and 121st Avenue, was developed by the city thanks to a sizable financial contribution from the Coon Rapids Lions Club.

The readerboard will replace the current manually-operated message board at the park.

The cost of the new sign is $20,227, with the balance coming from the city’s parks department budget, according to Gatlin.

Located on 15 acres, Lions Coon Creek Park boasts the city’s largest play structure.

The park also features three picnic shelters available for rent, two softball fields, basketball courts, a bocce ball court and volleyball court.

There is also a trail within the park with access to the Sand Creek/Coon Creek trail system. Coon Creek flows through the park.

Peter Bodley is at [email protected]