Man sentenced for threatening employer during Pioneer Days

A Mississippi man has pleaded guilty for threatening his employer and fellow employees during the St. Francis Pioneer Days festival.

David Allan Thrash, 38, was sentenced Sept. 10 in Anoka County District Court to five years of supervised probation on a felony terroristic threats plea.

He was given credit for 97 days served.

Charges of felony second-degree assault, gross misdemeanor obstructing the legal process and fourth-degree misdemeanor criminal damage to property were dismissed.

According to the criminal complaint, Thrash arrived to his work site at near Community Park June 6 and was intoxicated and belligerent.

His employer and fellow workers were camped near the city maintenance garage, located at 22825 St. Francis Blvd., ready to set up carnival rides in the neighboring park for Pioneer Days.

Thrash’s employer called St. Francis Police around 8 p.m. because Thrash was out of control and threatening people with a knife.

When the company owner confronted the man, Thrash pulled out a large knife and began to threaten him with it in front of witnesses.

According to the court documents, Thrash was extremely combative with officers as they took him into custody.

Officers had to tase Thrash twice, hobble his legs and pull his shirt over his head to prevent him from getting bodily fluids on them.

When Thrash was placed in the squad car, he allegedly kicked the doors and damaged the door trim.

As part of the court fees, Thrash will have to pay $474 in restitution to the St. Francis Police Department for the damage.

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