Union Looking Back for Oct. 19, 2012

Burglars rob ‘phone office

Sunday night sometime between 10:30 when Manager L. L. Suttong left the office and Monday morning when business began, some one entered the telephone office and took $40 or so in currently and over as many dollars in checks. He entered the basement from the area stairway; prying in the door. Then he made his way to the first floor, and tot he metal box in which the cash was kept. The box was pried open, the money taken, and the man made his way out, without the girl in the office on the second floor hearing anything to excite her curiosity.

– 100 years ago, Oct. 16, 1912


Fathers-sons banquet

The Fathers and Sons banquet of the Lutheran Brotherhood of Zion church was held last evening in the church. The president, Oscar Sell, was toastmaster and presented Rev. A. Walfrid as the main speaker.

The toast to the fathers was given by Raymond Johnson and to the sons by Joseph Lahd.

– 75 years ago, Oct. 13, 1937


Dance must have proper police supervision

Dancing permits will be issued to Bill’s Roller Rink provided the place is “properly policed,” the City Commission said Monday.

Police Chief Cliff Petrick said he was “not in favor” of dances being held at the rink unless uniformed policemen were assigned to supervise them. He cited past juvenile problems that have arisen outside the building.

– 50 years ago, Oct. 12, 1962


Ramsey council adopts the airport zoning ordinance

The most certain thing to come out of Tuesday night’s Ramsey city council meeting was confusion.

In action that followed more than an hour of public forum and council discussion, the council adopted the controversial Airport Safety Zoning ordinance and called for a June 1988 special advisory election on the issue of a municipal airport.

– 25 years ago, Oct. 16, 1987


• Compiled by Kelly Johnson


Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.

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