Radio club on the air in Anoka this Saturday

The Anoka County Radio Club will commemorate Anoka’s long-standing Halloween celebration Saturday, Oct. 27 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. by assembling at the Anoka High School parking lot and operating a long-distance amateur radio station as part of the 2012 Anoka Halloween Capital of the World festivities.

“Since 1956, the Anoka County Radio Club has participated in many civic activities in the county,and it seemed like a great idea to get involved in the Anoka Halloween festivities and help get the word out to other amateur radio operators around the world,” said the radio club’s event chairperson, Dana Johnson.

Amateur radio operators (also known as “ham” radio operators) are licensed by the FCC in the United States, and participate in a wide variety of communications-related activities from emergency preparedness exercises to civic event communications support.

The Anoka County Radio Club’s special event station at the Halloween festivities will transmit and receive voice contacts with other amateur radio operators around the world via a 30-plus-foot antenna tower, tracking names and contact information to send them a postcard after the event – another favorite past-time of some ham radio operators.

Visitors are welcome to come observe the special event station in operation.

The club’s special event station is listed in the Amateur Radio Relay League’s monthly magazine and website so ARRL members can tune in to the pre-arranged frequency (go to and type W0YFZ in the box marked “call sign” for more information.)

“We’re looking forward to commemorating the 2012 Anoka Halloween Capitol of the World with our special event station, and maybe interest other amateur radio operators in making the trip to visit Anoka some time in the future,” said Johnson.

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