Probation for man guilty of making threats at Anoka business

An Anoka man who pleaded guilty in Anoka County District Court to one of three felony charges filed following an incident at an Anoka business has had prison time stayed.

Andre Lashawn Hollingsworth, 32, 625 Jackson St., entered a guilty plea to a terroristic threats charge and at sentencing Oct. 5, second-degree assault and attempted first-degree aggravated robbery counts were dismissed.

The court stayed a 23-month prison sentence, placed Hollingsworth on probation for five years and jailed him for 270 days with credit for three days served.

Probation conditions include no direct or indirect contact with the victims, anger management counseling, random urinalysis and breath analysis on demand at his expense, no use of mood-altering chemicals or alcohol and no possession of firearms or dangerous weapons. He was also fined $100.

Anoka Police responded to a 911 call from K&L Auto Sales the afternoon of Sept. 17, 2011 as well as two other calls reporting that a black male had threatened others with a razor blade and people had been maced.

According to the complaint, police found a black male, identified as Hollingsworth, outside Value Liquor Store, which is across East River Road from K&L Auto Sales, without a shirt stating he had been maced. A pit bull on a leash was tied up near him.

But the owners of K&L Auto Sales pointed to Hollingsworth as the person who had threatened them with the razor blade and Hollingsworth was arrested.

In a statement, one of the K&L Auto Sales owners said he was in the business office when he saw Hollingsworth, who he did not know, approach the business with a pit bull and tap on the window.

Hollingsworth asked the store owner if he knew a woman that he named and when the man said he had a $600 dispute with her over property, Hollingsworth threatened to cut his throat if he did not hand over the money, then pulled out a green box cutter and held it up.

At that point another man, who works security in Minneapolis, came out of the business office with a can of mace and told Hollingsworth to back up or he would get maced.

But the complaint states that Hollingsworth took a step forward, prompting the man to spray him with mace and causing him to run away.

According to the complaint, Hollingsworth ran across the street to the liquor store, went behind the store and was out of sight for 20 minutes or so.

Police did not find the box cutter in a search of Hollingsworth and the immediate area where he was found, but when they climbed on top of the roof of the liquor store, they recovered a green box cutter.

In a statement, Hollingsworth said that his girlfriend was owed $600 by the business owner after a rental property deal fell through.

He admitted he confronted the man over the money, an argument escalated and one of the men sprayed him with mace.

Hollingsworth also admitted that he pulled a green-handled razor blade, but only after he was maced and in self-defense.

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