Blaine woman injured at rave

by Joel Stottrup
Princeton Union Eagle

The Mille Lacs County Sheriff’s Department is investigating whether an injury, at a party attended by an estimated 600 people Friday evening near Long Siding, was accidental or intentionally caused.

Mille Lacs County Sheriff Brent Lindgren reported that his department responded to a medical at 11286 50th St. this past Saturday, Oct. 27, in what would be west and south of Long Siding.

Lindgren only issued a press release on the incident and it did not list the hour of the call. But Princeton Police have on record a call to assist the sheriff’s department at the same address two minutes after midnight of Friday, Oct. 26. The Princeton Police report states that officers were called to the scene where a “female had a head injury at a rave.” Police Chief Brian Payne explained on Tuesday that a rave is another term for a large party.

Princeton police provided additional security for the ambulance crew that was attending to the female victim, who was taken away from the scene by a North Memorial Air Care helicopter.

No information was available as to what hospital the female was taken or her current condition. Lindgren listed the victim’s name as Rachelle Marie Foss, 19, of Blaine.

Lindgren’s information shows that Foss had an apparent head injury and was unresponsive when deputies arrived.

A number of Princeton firefighters also assisted at the scene by providing security for North Air Care to land, according to Fire Chief Jim Roxbury.

The “mechanism of injury” was not known, and the individuals at the scene were “not able to provide details,” Lindgren reported. Deputies administered first aid and oxygen to the victim until North Memorial ambulance personnel arrived.

Lindgren stated that Mitchell Robert Bohn-Prokop Jr. of East Bethel claimed to be the sponsor of the event. Sheriff’s deputies estimated that approximately 600 people were at the location that night.

Deputies also reported an increased amount of traffic on 50th Street that evening and that deputies conducted increased patrol in the area, with Safe and Sober Patrol reassignments to the vicinity.

Lindgren also reported his office received a report at about 4 a.m. on Oct. 27 of an assault having occurred at the same 11286 50th St. address and that an investigation is active and ongoing.


Eyewitness to the traffic

Not only does the sheriff’s report show a lot of traffic reports/stops Friday night on 55th Street, which heads west out of Long Siding and is connected to the road that goes past the location of the incidents, but local farmer Tim Wilhelm noticed a lot going on as well.

“There was an incredible amount of traffic, more than normal,” and a lot of traffic stops by a highway patrol car on 55th Street that Friday evening, said Wilhelm on Tuesday. Wilhelm said he was chisel plowing in one of his fields near the road and got close enough to see a lot of the occupants of the cars that were stopped by the highway patrol. Wilhelm described them as “young people.”

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