County launches online locator for child care

Anoka County officially launched the Anoka County Licensed Child Care Locator Monday.

The application is accessible online via the county’s child care licensing webpage at

“As a parent, I know how important it is to find someone you can trust to care for your children,” said Anoka County Board Chairperson Rhonda Sivarajah.

“We are proud to support parents in their search to find just the right fit for their family.”

Parents who have already tried the Anoka County Child Care Locator via say it “is the best I’ve found so far to find local child care” and “I really found it helpful to see where I live compared to day care providers.”

The locator was designed to help parents find a licensed child care provider in the neighborhood that’s convenient for them.

Users can search by address, map location, license class, or city.

The information comes directly from Anoka County’s Child Care Licensing files and is applied to the county’s geographic information system technology.

The direct link is

Clicking on the provider icon generates a pop-up window that allows users to see the child care provider’s name, address, license type, date the license was first granted and phone number.

The pop-up window also allows users to view the current status of the provider’s license via a web link that connects the user to the Minnesota Department of Human Services child care licensing website.

“Once a parent has found a potential provider, we encourage them to contact us to learn more about the provider’s current status with us,” said Evelyn Nelson of Anoka County Child Care Licensing.

“This is a great new tool designed to help us work together with parents to help them find the best care possible.”

  • Tasha

    I am searching for the best child care center. It sounds great. I’ll be visiting your center for more info and to check the environment of Anoka County Licensed Child Care Locator.

  • Dana Caffrey

    Very great news! I’m glad that the community have an online community service like this. At least, we, parents won’t have a hard time looking for services such as finding a babysitter. Great job!