Ramsey elects Strommen, three new council members

Sarah Strommen
Sarah Strommen

Ramsey voters have selected three new city councilmembers and a new mayor.

Current Councilmember Sarah Strommen will take over as mayor in January.

She will be joined on the council by newcomers John LeTourneau, Mark Kuzma and Chris Riley.

Strommen secured 55.46 percent of the city’s vote, defeating current Mayor Bob Ramsey.

John LeTourneau
John LeTourneau

“I am thrilled. I am excited and it’s a little overwhelming,” she said.

“I am excited for Ramsey’s future. I am honored. I feel like Ramsey has a very bright future.”

While the election race between Strommen and Ramsey was contentious, Strommen said she is committed to working with him over the next two months to make a smooth transition.

“I am very humbled by the vote. It is awesome that the voters have spoken and they have confidence in me,” she said.

“I am ready to live up to that.”

Mark Kuzma
Mark Kuzma

In January, the city will have great city council, Strommen said.

In the at-large race, LeTourneau won by a landslide with 64.08 percent of the vote.

Opponent Joe Field received 35.47 percent of the 4,036 votes cast.

The seat is currently held by Councilmember Jeff Wise, who was defeated in the primary.

“This is huge,” LeTourneau said.

It is an awesome feeling that the community wants him to serve on the council, he said.

“Ramsey is a wonderful town and we have a great deal of work to do and this team is really positioned (to work) for this community,” LeTourneau said.

Ward 2 winner Mark Kuzma shared LeTourneau’s excitement.

“I am very excited and I think this is going to be a great opportunity to work with a new council,” he said.

“We will do good things for Ramsey. We have a lot of important work that needs to be done,” said Kuzma, who received 64.93 percent of the Ward 2 vote.

Chris Riley
Chris Riley

“I am looking forward to being part of it,” he said.

Incumbent Colin McGlone received 1,099 votes, approximately 34.76 percent of the ballots cast.

Chris Riley, chairperson of the Ramsey Economic Development Authority, will be switching jobs in January after winning the Ward 4 seat with 54.92 percent of the votes.

“I am very appreciative that the citizens of Ramsey for having confidence in me and I look forward to having a productive city council,” he said.

Opponent Wayne Buccholz followed with 44.86 percent of the vote.

Strommen had held the Ward 4 seat after winning a special election to fill a vacancy left by the resignation of Councilmember David Jeffrey in May 2011. Jeffrey’s term would have ended in December.

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  • Roger

    Congratulations to the new mayor and council. A much needed change in Ramsey