Letters to the editor for Nov. 9, 2012

Emphasizing kindness

To the Editor:

I wish to compliment you on the article about Tommy Anderson, Blaine CC runner. The headline was great, emphasizing the word kindness.

Our schools could have much more publicity to the good if there was more kindness and less trouble.

I especially want to thank you for featuring Ally Anderson, the yearbook photographer, who took the shots of the event; without her photos, there would not have been much of a story. She captured the event perfectly.

Joanne Nelson
Columbia Heights


License plates temporary tax

To the Editor:

A few years ago the residents in Anoka County were told that we would temporarily pay a $6 tax every time we renew our plates to help pay for road repairs and that the other counties around us were doing the same.

As of yet, from what I understand, no other county has added this tax for their residents so why are we expected to continue paying?

The other thing I am curious about is how much taxes have we paid over the last 20 years to remove the roller coaster road on Hansen Boulevard between County Road 20 and County Road 58?

It seems that the residents would have been better off if a developer had been allowed to build a race track in that area. I know that many Minnesotans miss the tracks at the fairgrounds and some have never attended the fair since the stopped racing so having a track in Anoka County may have been a way to bring revenue into our area.

Robert Bragelman
St. Francis


Disappointed  by Halloween

To the Editor:

A friend brought me to Anoka so I could buy a few Halloween items. I was born in Anoka, a graduate of Anoka High School, married and was in the Air Force with husband Harlan Mead.

We raised four beautiful children and now I wanted to buy Halloween sweatshirts etc for them, but there are only bright blue ones, no postcards and no painted windows to show my family.

I was and am really disappointed; no more “Halloween Capital of the World.”

Pearl L. Mead MacAllister
Class of 1951
Wyoming MN


Where is the outrage?

To the Editor:

Every product, commodity and each dollar earned is taxed multiple times. A loaf of bread contains 151 taxes. Shouldn’t our country be swimming in money?

Our country is $16,000,000,000,000 in debt. Assuming you count one dollar bills at the rate of one per second for 40 hours per week, it would take two million, one hundred thirty six plus years to count.

Proof: 16,000,000,000,000 debt; 60 seconds in one minute = 3600 seconds in one hour; 3600 seconds per hour; 40 hours per week = 144,000 bills per week; 144,000 bills per week; 52 weeks = 7,488,000 bills counted per year;16,000,000,000,000/7,488,000; proof; move decimal to the left six places in all numbers, 16,000,000/7,488 = 2,136,752 years to count.

Where is the outrage?

Mel Gregerson


Conclusions were false

To the Editor:

In his Oct. 26 letter, Bryan Lindquist chose to spread faulty, false and inflammatory conclusions about the now discredited Regnerus study.

Our community deserves to know that Mr. Lindquist has recently been appointed to the Anoka-Hennepin School District’s reconstituted Anti-Bullying/Anti-Harassment Task Force.

This task force has been reconstituted as part of the district’s consent decree with the U.S. Department of Justice. The primary purpose of the consent decree, and thus of the task force, is “to address sex-based and sexual orientation-based harassment.”(See page 5 of decree.)

A key question emerged as Minnesota considered the marriage amendment vote. How do children fare when they are raised in families headed by same-sex couples? Here is the bottom line problem with Mr. Lindquist’s claims. The single study he cited was designed so poorly that it cannot answer the central question presented above.

From the perspective of scientific research the sweeping and derogatory conclusions that Mr. Lindquist jumps to simply cannot be drawn from this study and to do so is irresponsible.

Fortunately a significant amount of valid research has been conducted elsewhere on the central question. This body of research has found that same-gender parents are as likely to provide loving and nurturing family environments as heterosexual parents. In addition it finds that the well-being and development of children with same-sex parents does not differ from children with heterosexual parents.

It is difficult to properly explain the disqualifying flaws of the Regnerus study without going into some detail. For those interested, I will present just a few of the many flaws here.

The journal where this study was published has recently conducted an internal audit of the study and found that Regnerus’ presentation of the data was “extremely misleading.”

To adequately address the central question the study would have needed to survey a large number of young adults who were actually raised in families headed by same-sex couples. Oddly, this is not at all what was done.

About 3,000 young adults were surveyed. Out of this large sample, it appears that only two young adults actually lived with a lesbian couple their entire childhood and most did not live with lesbian or gay parents for any significant period of time.

Yet the author uses misleading labeling, to count a much larger group of 236 young adults, as if they represent people who were truly raised as children in same-sex couple families.  Based on this sloppy and flawed design the author and Mr. Lindquist then jump to dire and incorrect conclusions regarding the central question.

We do have a substantial and growing body of research that helps answer the central question. The Regnerus study does not help to answer this question. I would be glad to participate with Mr. Lindquist in a public debate about the study in question.

Votes on the constitutional marriage amendment were too important to be co-opted by those willing to spread false and misleading information as if it were sound science.

Before and after his appointment to the Anti-Bullying/Anti-Harassment Task Force Mr. Lindquist has engaged in a pattern of derogatory sexual orientation-based harassment that the consent decree and task force are meant to prevent.

As defined in the agreed-upon decree, “harassment includes derogatory language and intimidation…related to a person’s membership in a protected class.” The dictionary definition of derogatory is to lessen the merit or reputation of a person or class of persons.

For example, despite scientific evidence to the contrary Mr. Lindquist pronounces, “The social experiment of legalizing same-sex unions will prove disastrous for kids and bring untold dysfunction and damage to children and society.”

To allow Mr. Lindquist to remain on the task force, as an adult who has engaged in harassment of the very students the consent decree and task force are meant to protect, sends a chilling message to our community.

For the sake of these students I very much hope the School Board or Mr. Lindquist will take swift action to rectify this situation before the next Task Force meeting.

Dan Rebek, Ph.D.
Coon Rapids


Restriction on alcohol

To the Editor:

Just like Anoka County citizens, I value my freedom. I believe alcohol is acceptable if consumed in moderation.

It alarms me that Dunn Bros. Coffee on Highway 47 has permission to serve wine and strong beer.

This Dunn Bros. Coffee shop has a drive-through. The purchase of alcohol could be given to a customer at any time of the day. This concerns me. What about drinking and driving?

That is why I support the restriction of alcohol at coffee shops.

Lexi Bertsch


Police and prepay law

To the Editor:

Referring to the new prepay law of Coon Rapids, Bob Freiermuth stated “They [the police] have nothing to do with making the law but only enforce all existing laws”

In this particular case, the law was presented to the council by our police chief. The police department had everything to do with this law and the law was subsequently passed.

A lot of laws are pressed by the police department simply because they are familiar with the issue.

Should we have restaurant prepay? The police will visit for dine and dash but not for drive and dash.

Alan Williams
Coon Rapids

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