Andover man sentenced for car theft

A 26-year-old Andover man was sentenced Sept. 27 in Anoka County District Court to three months in jail and five years probation for a felony motor vehicle theft conviction.

At the same time, two other felony charges of possession of burglary tools and defeating security that Matthew David Mallery faced were dismissed.

Mallery was given credit for 40 days already served in jail. He must also pay $185 in court fines.

According to the complaint, Mallery stole a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am out of a Blaine impound lot. The lock on the gate was cut. The theft was reported Oct. 17, 2011.

Later that day, a Blaine Police officer spotted Mallery next to the reported stolen vehicle at a Blaine gas station. There were no license plates on the vehicle, the rear driver’s side tire was on a jack and there were lug nuts removed from the tire laying on the ground.

The driver’s door and trunk were open. The officer saw the car stereo was gone, paperwork in the vehicle was in somebody else’s name and a pill bottle in the vehicle was in this other person’s name.

The Blue Tow towing company out of Blaine told police that the vehicle had been impounded on Aug. 23. The vehicle was not reclaimed within 15 days, so the previous owner relinquished their rights to the vehicle and its contents.

According to Debra Hilstrom, an assistant Anoka County attorney, another felony charge of possessing burglary/theft tools on a separate case was dismissed when Mallery pleaded guilty to the vehicle theft in court on Aug. 2.

In this other case, Mallery illegally entered an Andover plumbing and heating company’s property the evening of Nov. 7, 2011. According to the complaint, Mallery ran away when the business owner confronted him.

Officers followed footprints in the snow and found Mallery hiding under a deck a couple of blocks away. The business owner and video surveillance confirmed that Mallery had entered the property.

A search of Mallery’s vehicle uncovered crowbars and bolt cutters, according to the complaint.

Hilstrom said the court ordered that restitution be paid to this business owner if he requested it. The business owner never filled out the affidavit requesting restitution so this will not be paid.

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