College in Schools is a money saver

Anoka-Hennepin District 11 families saved almost $750,000 in college costs the past school year thanks to the College in the Schools program.

During the 2011-12 school year, 423 Anoka-Hennepin students earned 1,668 credits from the University of Minnesota (U of M) through the College in the Schools (CIS) program.

At $448 a credit, this represents a savings to their families of $747,397.

Through CIS, students can earn college credits from the U of M without leaving their schools.

The credits are recognized by colleges and universities across the nation.

Taking college courses allows high school students to experience increased academic rigor, develop skills for college success and make a smoother transition between high school and college.

According to the U of M, the motivated students who want to earn college credit while in high school are the students who can raise the academic bar for all students and shape a positive school culture.

Keeping these students on the high school campus benefits the whole school.

CIS classes are taught by high school teachers.

The university-based professional development the teachers receive provides an opportunity to build relationships with U of M faculty and other motivated high school teachers.

Anoka and Coon Rapids high schools have one CIS teacher, Andover and Champlin Park have two CIS teachers and Blaine has three.

Below is a breakdown of CIS participation by Blaine and Coon Rapids students, the credits they earned and the savings to their families:

• Blaine High School: 173 students were registered, 680 credits were earned and families saved $304,694.

• Coon Rapids High School: 63 students were registered, 244 credits were earned and families saved $109,332.