Follow up on uncashed checks from Anoka County

Every year, Anoka County writes thousands of checks to individuals and businesses.

A small number of these checks are never cashed by the recipient and remain outstanding on the county’s books.

To help reunite people with their unclaimed money, Anoka County has created the Claim Your Check online tool available at

“This new tool is a great way for people to reconnect with the money they’re due,” said Anoka County Commissioner Matt Look, who chairs the county’s Finance Committee.

“Providing a self-service, online tool is a quick and convenient way to search for an unclaimed check.”

By law, Anoka County cannot keep the funds from outstanding checks and must submit the money to the state of Minnesota after it is held for five years.

For people who believe they received a check from Anoka County but never cashed it, the new Claim Your Check tool can help confirm an unclaimed check and provide instructions about how to file an affidavit with the county to ask that a new check be issued.

Users can search for their uncashed check by name, or scan the complete list to see if their name or business name is on it.

Then follow the check replacement instructions provided.

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