Letters to the editor for Nov. 16, 2012

Voters’ kind consideration

To the Editor:

Last Tuesday brought an end to a long national political campaign. It also was the culmination of  a statewide debate on constitutional amendments as well as highly contested campaigns from township supervisor to congressional representative.

Among those contests was the District 3 commissioner election in which I was a candidate… albeit on the losing end.

Nonetheless, as a first-time candidate for public office, I was excited to be an active participant and energized and gratified with the reaction I received from Anoka County residents as I campaigned door-to-door.

The interest in local government and the courtesy shown to me by area residents was truly impressive and appreciated.

I am pleased that both my opponent – Robyn West – and I conducted campaigns free of character assaults and outlandish charges so prevalent in today’s political climate.

I congratulate Commissioner West on her re-election to the county board and also extend my thanks to outgoing Commissioner Dan Erhart for his many years of service to Anoka County.

And above all, thanks to the voters for their kind consideration.

Dan Sanders



Patriotism at parade

To the Editor:

I would like to thank all the people who came to watch the Oct. 27 Anoka Grand Halloween Parade, for showing true patriotism to the Anoka American Legion Post 102 Color Guard, Legion Riders, Legion float, the Sons of the American Legion Post 102 float and the Coon Rapids VFW Post 9625 float.

It was very heartwarming to see people stand up, take their hats off, place their hand over their heart or salute the flag and the veterans that were part of the parade.

It was especially overwhelming to see the little children showing their patriotism and also hearing the thank you’s to our veterans that took part in the parade.

I had the privilege of riding on the huge beautiful Anoka Legion float, along with the Post Commander Gary Reimann, Past Commander Fadi Awaijane and Legion member Doug Sturgill.

What an honor it was to ride on that float that carries 31 USA flags, all representing our flags as they change over the years, dating back to the original 13 colony flag.

The respect shown was greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Darlene Thell, Anoka Post

102 American Legion

Auxiliary President


No intent to plagiarize

To the Editor:

Yes, Ms. Kelly, the $5,000 worth of textbooks donated by the District 15 American Indian Education Committee does contain educational information.

Plagiarism: an act or instance of using the ideas or words of another as if they were your own.

Board member Matt Rustad published an article in “The Courier,” which was not written by him. This is plagiarism. It is not good. As things go, he should be censured by the school board. He was.

He apologized and explained that he wanted to share the article and wasn’t thinking when he sent it in with out attribution to the true author. It was not done with malice aforethought, it wasn’t his intention to do harm. He acknowledged that he was wrong.

Mr. Rustad was chosen to be a board member by 16 fewer voters than Ms. Kelly, who has been a board member for all too many years. That’s a tidy number of people who felt he would represent them well.

Some of them may think that his offense is terrible, but the majority of them think he still represents them well, even though a short article in the district newspaper was not his original work.

We need to ensure that ISD 15 is utilizing the funds given by the state (us) to give our children a good education, reasonably kept facilities, good transportation, a good nurse or health care facilitator on site, an opportunity for hard working high school seniors to attend college courses and a solid foundation in learning techniques. They have fallen short in these areas.

Certain board members are spending way too much time trying to get rid of elected school board members who don’t always agree with them. Pay attention to the children and stop all this infighting.

Maureen A. Ness


Behavior training

To the Editor:

I would like to thank Joann Neve, owner of Pack Leader Behavior in Andover. She is a dog trainer that specializes in dog behavior and obedience training.

We have had the opportunity to hire her on a one on one basis to work with our pit bull. Joann started our classes by coming to our home for a meet and greet with us and our dog at the time.

She has also worked with us to build our confidence in our pit bull’s ability to interact with people and other animals. She has done this by educating us on how to communicate with our dog and show him how to act with our family and guests that enter our home.

As Joann has stated, “Pits have a bad name just for their bred.” Joann understands this breed and others. She has gone the extra mile with us and even takes us to shopping centers for one-on-one training.

If you are looking for a great trainer for you and your dog, I encourage you to visit her building or website at www.packleaderbehavior.com. Thank you Joann for all you have done for us and our pit bull.



Marsha, Don and Bud



White Cane Day support

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Coon Rapids Lions Club, I wish to thank the citizens of Coon Rapids and its surrounding communities for coming out to support the recent White Cane Day event Oct. 13.

Your generous donations collected by the Lions will be given to the Minnesota Lions Eye Bank at the University of Minnesota.

These funds will help fund the efforts to perform research and treat patients suffering from such eye ailments as macular degeneration, cataracts and needing corneal replacements.

Your donations will touch so many lives and help benefit our fellow citizens with the hope of better vision through the work at the Minnesota Lions Eye Bank.

The Coon Rapids Lions Club was also able to collect used eyeglasses during the White Cane Day.

The used eyeglasses will be cleaned, cataloged and bagged for distribution to people all over the world.

These eyeglasses will be given away for free and will allow the recipients a chance to live a better life by giving them the gift of sight.

The Lions would also like to remind you about the numerous donation boxes, located throughout our community, where you can drop off your used eyeglasses and hearing aids.  Please remember to recycle your used eyeglasses and hearing aids!

The Coon Rapids Lions Club would like to invite those individuals interested in helping with the White Cane Day event or any other civic-minded projects to consider becoming a member of our club.

The Lions are always open to individuals who would like to make a difference in the community where they live, as well as around the world.

The Coon Rapids Lions Club thanks you again for your support of our event and we look forward to having another White Cane Day event next year.


John Merriam

White Cane Day chairman, Coon Rapids Lions Club


Perspective on seizures

To the Editor:

My wife and I wish nothing but the best for Coach Kill after his recent seizure.

We know a lot about seizures because our daughter has suffered with epilepsy for the last seven years.

Just for perspective, Hannah had two seizures the same day Coach Kill had his and she had two the day before that, and one the day before that. Our daughter has had 20 seizures in one day.

It’s important to understand that Coach Kill is not alone. One in 10 people will have a seizure in their lifetime and Coach Kill is just one of 60,000 Minnesotans who live with the unpredictable nature of seizures every day.

Despite the challenges, people with epilepsy are highly successful: Chief Justice John Roberts, Atlanta Falcons running back Jason Snelling and countless CEOs and professionals who live well with epilepsy.

We want nothing more than for Coach Kill, our daughter and anyone living with epilepsy to be seizure free.

But the truth is the media finally paid attention because a high-profile person has epilepsy.

We are grateful that Coach Kill is supportive of the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota and is even working to have an epilepsy awareness day at TCF Field.

Coach Kill’s seizure was not good, but it was helpful for people like my daughter. Please help us find a cure.


Paul Meunier

Ham Lake


GOP could be third party

To the Editor:

To the Republicans and independents whose candidate lost. I know you love our country just as much as the other side and how hard it is to be on the side that does not win. I hope for the sake of the country you take some time to figure out who is not voting for you and why they are not. Such as

• Single women – as long as you support policies that give the government power to regulate our bodies while not regulating businesses to ensure we get equal pay, most single women will continue to not vote for you.

• People of color – as long as you support policy that will split up families and kick out hard working people, while also allowing people who speak with an undertone of racism and bigotry in your tent the majority of people of color will not vote for you.

• GLBT – as long as you support policy that feels hateful to the GLBT community most of the GLBT community and their friends and family will not vote for you.

• People making under $50,000 a year – as long as you are willing to throw the middle class under the tax paying bus in order to protect the rich, most people making under $50,000 will not vote for you

• The fast growing secular community – as long as you continue to think it is OK to force your religious belief on others most of the secular community will not vote for you.

Republicans do have some good ideas and it would be great to see the good ideas come forward but unless you want to become a third party my advise to you is to go back to the wisdom of Gov. Arnie Carlson, who is not RHINO, but one of the few true remaining Republicans and learn how to compromise for the good of the nation.

If not, can you say DFL versus IP?


Bernadette Chlebeck

Coon Rapids

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