Former Coon Rapids High School choir student gives back

Austin Smith sang in Coon Rapids High School’s concert choir.

He graduated last year, but the music, the choir directors and the choir family he was part of at Coon Rapids became such a valuable part of his life that Smith was determined to give back.

And last week, he did just that.

Music is still a major part of Smith’s life and as assistant store manager of the Elk River Radio Shack store, Smith saw a perfect way to give back.

“I just want to help make the choir experience at Coon Rapids the best it can be for them, so I’m giving them a Radio Shack gift card,” Smith said.

“They can use it for mics, wires, computer speakers, digital records – just some of the small stuff that can make the experience even better for them.”

When Smith learned that Radio Shack would donate a $75 gift card, he added $60 of his own money to boost the gift to $135.

“I wanted to donate to a place I came from, a place that meant so much to me, got me through some tough times,” Smith said.

Smith described some of the tough times he endured during his high school years and how choir helped him through.

“You look out there at that choir,” he said.

“They may have some money problems, family problems, school issues.

“But you look at their faces, you don’t see any of that.

“They come to choir and it makes them all warm and happy.”

“I really miss singing with these guys. I still know a lot of them and Coon Rapids really became a personal home to me.

“I just wanted to give back.”

Sue Austreng is at [email protected]