Voters Alliance files complaint against Anoka-Hennepin

Nearly a year after Anoka-Hennepin School District 11 mailed to residents a brochure describing how funds from tax levies on the ballot in November 2011 would be used to maintain and improve district schools, the Minnesota Voters Alliance has filed a complaint against the district.

That complaint, filed by District 11 resident and member of the Minnesota Voters Alliance Donald Huizenga Nov. 2, alleges that the school district violated statutes by using public funds to promote the passage of the levy questions.

Those questions were: Question 1: Renewal of expiring portion of revenue authorization; Question 2: Capital project levy authorization for technology improvements for school instruction; and Question 3: Additional funding to maintain stability of educational programs.

The complaint alleges that Anoka-Hennepin wrongfully used public money to print and distribute a brochure “for the promotion of ballot questions.”

The district did, in fact, mail to residents a brochure describing how the funds from the levies on the November 2011 ballot would be used to maintain and improve district schools.

Questions 1 and 2 were approved by voters; question 3 was rejected.

According to Ellen Perrault, District 11’s communications specialist, the district did not violate any laws and is confident that it will prevail when it has the opportunity to present the facts to the administrative law judge at the Minnesota Office of Administrative Hearings.

Further, Perrault said in a news release from the district, that “the administrative law judge did not find that the district engaged in wrongdoing.”

The district is eager, she said, to defend the claims at a hearing to be scheduled Nov. 27.

“(We) look forward to presenting … evidence,” Perrault stated in the news release.

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