Anoka County to review road safety on Viking Boulevard

The Anoka County Sheriff’s Office is concerned about the recent string of fatal accidents within an approximately two-mile stretch of Viking Boulevard east of Highway 65.

In a report to the East Bethel City Council Nov. 19, Lt. Shelly Orlando said there have been five fatal accidents and a total of six deaths on Viking Boulevard since April 2012, with the most recent occurring Nov. 17. The accidents have all happened in or near the 4000 block.

Orlando said the county conducts a road assessment after every fatality, but this recent string of fatalities is prompting additional action. The sheriff’s department plans to meet with the county highway department to discuss the issue and East Bethel City Administrator Jack Davis said he also wants to be involved in those discussions.

The goal will be to determine whether anything can be done to improve the road’s safety.

Although lowering the road’s speed limit would be up to the state, it is currently unclear whether lowering the speed limit is even called for. Speed is not believed to have been a contributing factor in most of the fatal accidents, said Orlando.

As of Monday, a date had not yet been set for the joint sheriff and highway department meetings to discuss the issue.

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