Coon Rapids police dog tracks, puts bite on a suspect

Buddy, the Coon Rapids Police Department canine, got his man the early morning hours of Nov. 22 – in Columbia Heights.

Coon Rapids Police dog Buddy with his handler Officer Mark McDonough.
Coon Rapids Police dog Buddy with his handler Officer Mark McDonough.

Columbia Heights Police Department called in Officer Mark McDonough and his canine partner, Buddy, to help search for a 27-year-old man, who was wanted on multiple felony warrants, had a violent history toward law enforcement and had fled officers on foot when they were trying to arrest him for probable cause financial transaction card fraud, according to the Coon Rapids Police report.

Starting at the Starlite Motel at 47th and Central avenues, Buddy began tracking a scent west to the back of the motel, then south toward the Hilltop Trailer Park toward 46 1/2th Avenue, where the suspect, who had been hiding, took off on foot once again, the police report states.

A neighbor told police that the man had run through a yard on 46 1/2th Avenue and Buddy continued his track along a red, wooded privacy fence before entering a large fenced area of a business that contained cars and other items.

Then Buddy headed east toward a large pole barn that was fenced in and went through a small opening in a cyclone fence that led to a stairwell which was pitch black, the police report states.

A yell indicated to officers that Buddy had found the suspect and on arrival, they found the man fighting with Buddy, who continued to hang on to him by switching to the man’s other leg.

Despite frequent commands the man continued to resist with Buddy not releasing his grip until officers had the suspect on the ground and under control.

In apprehending the suspect, Buddy had pulled off the man’s pants and McDonough observed bite marks, but no puncture wounds on both legs.

The suspect was treated at the scene by paramedics and jailed.

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  • Jay Meranchik

    Great job again by a police K-9 and partner, I Officer Mark McDonough has a retirement fund and his canine partner Buddy I don’t think so, medical benefits after retirement that’s a know too
    Buddy, should get these benefits and be reclassified from equipment to Police K-9 Officer you can make a difference Help our nations Police K-9s. The Police K-9 Bill of rights fixes the financial problems of medical benefits for retired Police K-9s redirecting 2% of assets seized from illegal drug trade and other activities would go to retirement fund for medical benefits
    For more info and to sign the petition use links below